to my Genealogy Research homepage.   My name is Joyce and I live in the southwestern part of the United States.  Please look around. If you are researching the same surnames and would like to contibute, share, or just tell me about yourself I would be happy to hear from you.  My direct lines are all in caps with a " * " and I have some documented data, notes, and other interesting tidbits and some photos.  What? What was that you said?? You found a mistake?  Oh no!!  Please email me with the correct information right away!!  Go on now...look around, maybe you will find that we are related.  WAIT!! Don't forget to sign my guest book...makes me feel appreciated!!              
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Back: Joyce,  AJ (youngest son), Ken (oldest son),
Front: Cory, Gene (my Dad) holding Rachel, Cody and Dawn (my daughter in law-married to Ken)